Looking to List?

Looking to list you’re Property?

(A few helpful hints to get you started!)

When and if you decide to put your property on the market, it is best to be proactive as to what it will take to list your home. I believe knowledge is power, due diligence is necessary and preparation is key in all aspects of getting your property sold.  As you read through these helpful hints, keep in mind that this process will take time, patience and in some cases a bit of elbow grease!  As you start to take these steps for your home to become buyer ready, just know that first impressions are long lasting!  You want to make your home feel inviting so when that certain buyer drives up to the property and walks through the door they can envision the possibilities of calling your house, their home!


Knowledge is Power……

Do you have an idea of what your property is worth?

Do you know what the surrounding homes in your area have sold for?

Do you know what is owed on your property?

Have you done upgrades to the home or do you know the upgrades that the previous owner has made?

Are there significant problems with the property?  If so, would these issues hinder the sale of the property?

Above are all questions that you need to ask yourself, when deciding to list your property and questions the buyer could potentially have regarding your property.  These answers will give you the knowledge necessary to feel confident with your decision to list and the ability to project your plan for the future. As well as giving the buyer the necessary knowledge to know the property they are purchasing.


Due Diligence is Necessary……..

As you go through this process whether you choose to list your house or purchase another, there are a great deal of items, tasks and procedures that a home buyer or seller should take into consideration before they are ready, willing and able for this Real Estate transaction to take place. 

Are you aware of the process to sell your home?

Does this transaction make financial sense?

Be aware of upfront costs that are incurred in order for you to list your property!

Make yourself aware of the market conditions!

Is your house ready to sell?

Are you willing to make the necessary changes to get your house sold?

Do you have a specific timeframe?

Do you need to purchase another property?


Preparation is key………

When you are preparing to list your property, please keep in mind that your lifestyle and hobbies are a reflection of your home.  When a potential buyer walks through your door, you want them to be able to envision themselves living in the home.  With that being said, below are a few questions you should ask yourself when describing your home:

Are the paint colors on the walls neutral?

Are there furniture pieces that can be removed to make your space feel larger?

Is there unnecessary clutter throughout the house that can be removed?

Is there any noticeable flaws with the home that can be remedied?

Are your windows, baseboards, light fixtures, faucets, and cabinets clean, shiny and ready to view?

Do your floors show signs of wear? Have the carpets been cleaned lately?

Is your yard tidy and inviting?




Give me a call, Kelly Reyes and Kelly Reyes Realty would love the opportunity to help!

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